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Prayer Ministry

The Ladies Prayer Group for Spiritual Awakening Revival meets at 6:15 pm each Wednesday night.
Deacons meet on Wednesday evenings to join in prayer, then during the service, updated prayer lists are distributed and individual prayer requests are shared.

Benevolence Ministry

We provide support as resources allow to help those of our congregation and community who are facing difficult financial circumstances.

Special Music Ministry

Monthly Southern Gospel music concerts are scheduled to encourage and uplift those in attendance. Click here to view the Concerts page.

Media Ministry

Our Sunday morning services are recorded every week and are available on DVD as well as audio CD. This media can be purchased for a very low price or borrowed. Our media ministry staff faithfully sends out DVDs and CDs to shut-ins and those who wish to receive them weekly.

Church Library

Our library is stocked with many donated reference books, novels, and DVD’s that can be checked out. There are over 2500 selections in the library, and reading material is available for all ages.

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