Our Pastor, Dr. Geoffrey Lacefield

I am delighted that you are viewing our website. Please visit the various pages and learn more about our ministries. Cloverleaf Baptist Church is not the building that stands at 4401 Manslick Rd, rather, it's the dear people who belong to this wonderful church. Cloverleaf is made up of warm, friendly, and loving people with compassionate hearts, willing spirits, giving hands and faithful commitments to the Lord. I invite you to come and worship with us on any given Sunday. Finding ways to help people get connected personally in a relationship with Jesus Christ is what we are all about. There are activities here at Cloverleaf for every age and we would love for you to be a part of our fellowship.

Minister of Music - Mike Shramm

Cloverleaf Baptist knows that worship is a first priority. In every service we want to magnify, exalt, and praise our Lord. We use different groups and styles to do this. We have an Adult Choir, Praise Team, various ensembles, and gifted musicians. Even if you choose not to serve in this way, I’ll look forward to seeing and hearing you in the congregation as we worship through music and praise during our corporate worship.

Minister of Students and Families - Jeff Lacefield

The primary goal of Youth Ministry is to evangelize and disciple young people through the teaching of God's word. Our youth learn that becoming a true Christian means much more than repeating a sinner's prayer. They learn that it's a life of self-denial and following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. They also discover that one can be a Christian and still have lots of fun. Our group is a place where young people can come and feel welcome, loved, and accepted by all, and family participation is strongly encouraged.

Vicki Gorth 720x720

Minister of Children - Vicki Gorth

We believe that children are our most precious and valuable gifts from God. They are to be loved, protected and educated in the Christian faith. We strive to provide a quality ministry to children with programs from the nursery department through 5th grade. Our Sunday School programs offer children the strong spiritual foundation they need to face this world with godly standards. We offer Children’s Church and toddlers' classes during the Sunday morning service. A variety of children's events are held during the course of a year.

Church Secretary - Carolyn Basham

Since coming on staff in 1979 as secretary, mine is likely the voice you’ve heard when you’ve called Cloverleaf. It’s been my honor and privilege over the years to work with both the staff and community agencies to help meet the needs of our congregation, I’ve been blessed by serving our Lord and my wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. Cloverleaf is a very loving, caring, and giving family of faith.

Minister of Education - Theresa Wyatt

Cloverleaf’s focus is to nurture and develop the church body into a mirror image of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God’s plan for His children is that we might be conformed to the image of His Son. To achieve this goal we put an emphasis upon Christian education and discipleship. We have a graded Sunday School (Bible study) program, and various discipleship training opportunities. Our desire is that every Christian grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Financial Secretary - Glenda Jackson

Being the financial secretary for Cloverleaf has been a joy for me as we are a very mission-minded church. Our church family is very faithful to all mission projects. We realize that Jesus commanded us to take the gospel to all people that they may have the opportunity to know Him as their personal Savior too. Of course it takes money to run a church and it is my job to pay the bills, but the church is the people. We would love to have you come and share in Christian fellowship at Cloverleaf Baptist. We Love People.

Media Minister - Quinn Peck

Our media ministry is responsible for sound, lighting and video projection for our worship services and special events. We record our Sunday worship services and they are available upon request by several means of communication (DVD and CD). They can be purchased at the church, ordered and sent by mail, or even borrowed and returned. The Sunday morning sermon as well as recorded special services can also be viewed on our website.